Based in London, Barcelona and NYC, Buki is a hugely experienced Fashion Stylist and Costume Designer working in advertising & commercials, both in the UK and internationally.

Originating from Nigeria and Spain, Buki began her career as a stylist in New York, working for major fashion powerhouses: Patricia Fields and Gonca Gul.

With more than twenty years experience as a Stylist & Costume Designer, Buki has established herself as one of the best in her field and works internationally for big brands, top directors, photographers and celebrities.

She regularly works with Nike, Adidas, Apple and car brands including Toyota, and directors Matthew Vaughn, Jonathan Glazer, Ringan Ledwidge, John McTiernan, Adam Berg, Johnny Green, Nick Gordon and Kibwe Tavares.

She has also worked as Head of Design, on a feature film for Universal Studios, with Aml Ameen.

As a stylist she is incredibly adept at realising a director / client’s vision; understanding briefs and balancing budgets in order to make storyboards a reality. Buki is very personable and able to take direction, making her extremely production friendly, and a valuable asset to any campaign.

Buki has laser focus and attention to detail that aims to creates crystal clear versions of a clients brief, transferable to a elevated onscreen concepts.

Buki possess an eclectic mix of stock available from wardrobe studios located in Barcelona and @bukonlacrown London (Islington), and relentlessly sources new items and trends throughout her travels. As such she has a readily available clothes stock of current trends, high fashion and period costume, providing an clients with an immediately available showroom archive in both cities.

For more information and competitive hire prices please contact: INFO@BUKISTYLIST.COM