Buki was born in Barcelona and from an early age was inspired by music and art. She moved to  New York in 1995 at the age of eighteen to finish her studies in Fashion Design at the Institute of Arts & Technology.  It was while working under the guidance of Patricia Fields, that Buki was exposed to the top fashion stylists and designers in the world and gained the kind of experience you only get from being in the public eye.

In 2003 she decided to leave New York and moved to Cape Town after being headhunted by a local Fashion Stylist Agency. She worked with numerous clients including TV Productions Companies, Contract Publishers and Advertising Agencies. She also collaborated with many local and international fashion designers and photographers.

A year later she returned to her hometown Barcelona and began a successful freelance career. As her portfolio filled with high profile clientele her reputation grew and she quickly became a sought-after name in the industry. Her work has since been seen on countless news stands, billboards and TV commercials. Not to mention in a few celebrity wardrobes.

Although Buki is currently based in Barcelona, her international experience means her work takes her regularly to London, Paris, Milan, New York and Los Angeles.

Buki’s vision runs the gamut from masculine to feminine and from vintage to modern. Her unique sense of style mixes street sophistication with vintage accents and contemporary twists.

Buki’s open nature makes her clients feel at ease as well as part of the creative process. She loves to collaborate and is more than happy to bring her experience and perspective to all elements of the production; whether creative direction, shooting or image advising. While her versatility and talent for merging edgy with classic keeps her in high demand, Buki’s passion and energy set her apart from the rest and ensure she always gets the best out of her team.